How to Make More Space in Your Attic

how-to-make-more-space-in-your-atticThe attic of your home is one of the areas that you likely ignore when the time comes for a house clearance session. That is because it is the go-to room when it comes to storing items and chances are you have accumulated quite a lot there.

The main thing about the attic to remember is that it doesn’t have to be regarded as junk central all along. There are ways you can turn the place into a well-organised and easy to get in and out of room. It is always preferable to have it that way, instead of letting it fall into disorganised chaos, as that means you will have more space and find your items easily. It is not hard – all you have to do is follow these steps for an effective waste removal job:

  • Prepare for the job – there are certain preparation steps that you must take in order to ensure that you have an easy time doing all the junk removal tasks. First and most important, you need to acquire enough boxes and bags to collect the needless items in. Estimate roughly the volume that you will need to remove and acquire a sufficient number of those. Second, try to get some help. Family members should definitely join you on this one, as chances are there will be some of their belongings in the attic as well.
  • Start with obvious clutter – the best thing you can do at the start of your rubbish clearance session is to take care of the items you can easily let go of. Such include outdated decorations, things you haven’t stored properly and are now spoilt, damaged items that are beyond repair, stuff that you have put in the attic ‘just in case’ the new replacement doesn’t work. Show some ruthlessness in your efforts as that will open up the space and give you more freedom to manoeuvre as you tackle the other aspects of the job.
  • Assess what is left – now that you have hopefully cleared enough space in the room, start grouping items of similar purpose together. The main goal is to have a dedicated zone for your Christmas decoration, clothing, books and whatever else that you can fit in a category such as this. If there is anything or perhaps even a whole group of items you think you can dispose of immediately, do so. It will aid your further waste collection efforts.
  • Sort the items in each category – tackle one zone of the attic at a time during the junk removal job. Use the boxes and bags you acquired earlier to store your belongings. Don’t forget to do some labelling, as that will help you find what you need in the future more easily. That is a great way to keep the clutter in check
  • Organise the zones – now that you have organised your belongings into separated zones, it is time to determine what layout is most suitable for you. Try to keep the items you frequently use near the door to spare yourself some effort getting to them. Now would be a good time to consider some shelving options, clothing rails and hooks. It is important to do this only after you have organised the items in zones that suit your goals, as that is the only way to ensure what exactly you will need and where you will need it.
  • Keep things organised – now that you have successfully dealt with one of the most difficult aspects of house clearance, remember to keep the room like this. Never allow clutter to take over again. Show the new arrangement to family members and see to it they follow the same no-clutter rules. That will keep the room in a good well-organised condition.

Tackling junk clearance in the attic doesn’t have to be all that difficult as long as you follow the aforementioned strategy. It is all going to work out just fine!