Lawn Care: Know When to Cut the Grass

Green lawnmower, weed trimmer, rake and secateurs in the garden.It is almost the onset of June now and your lawn is waiting for certain specific attention. The grass in your lawn must have grown high by this time. It is perfect timing to know when exactly to cut this high grown grass of your lawn. Let us understand this extremely important aspect in more detail.First thing you must know about the lawn grass is its permissible height. In simpler terms you should know when exactly to cut it .It largely depends upon the variety of grass you are growing in your lawn. Maximum permissible height of the grass would be the prime factor in determining the most appropriate mowing height. For instance if you have the “Common Bermuda Grass” in your lawn then the appropriate height would range from 0.75 inch to 1.50 inch.

Should you cut the grass when it is at the minimum of its growing range limit? We recommend that here you should follow one principle that “it is always better to wait till the maximum height is attained”. In other words you should prefer to stay at the high end of the suggested heights. You may treat this as a “Thumb Rule” as well.

Let me explain the reason for such a recommendation. Waiting for the grass for a longer period facilitates the roots go deeper and the root system thus develops better. Strengthened root system will further help the grass to withstand the tough times including droughts and extreme summers. High end grass covers the ground well and provides a covering to the soil also. Soil thus does not get dried out fast and permits the grass absorb more direct sunlight.

Cutting the grass when it is low in height will result in to a week root system development. The grass will dry out fast and you will be required to care and maintain the grass with many efforts. General health of the grass is also affected this way. If the grass is cut too low then it receives just sufficient sunlight and this is more favourable for weeds to germinate and get firm roots in the soil.

Grass cutting at the maximum height has one disadvantage also. The taller lawn grass may develop a problem of thatching and you need to care for de-thatching or seasonal aerating of the grass. Thatch is actually a collection of grass clippings, dead stems, and other soil debris which firms up near the ground level of the grass.

Thatch is a real problem indeed and in case it is accumulated in large amount it may interfere with the watering and fertilizing of the lawn. You will have to learn how to de-thatch or aerate your lawn in a proper way. Alternatively, you may also prefer to hire commercial services of such service providing companies. You can also avail the free lawn analysis offered by several of such companies. A little search on the internet will facilitate you locating a better company functional in your area.

When cutting the grass in your lawn you must know that the maximum cutting limit is 1/3rd of the total grass height for one mowing. You should adjust the cutting height of your mower blade according to this limit only. If you are cutting the grass after a long break then better reset the mower blade height accordingly so that it does not cut the grass for more than 1/3rd of its total height. Once you have completed first round of mowing this way you must hold it and wait for a fortnight. Resume the mowing after this time and cut the grass again so that you cut it up to the normal permissible height.

If you understand all these steps well you will certainly be having lovely grass in your garden and lawn.