Moving to Clapham on a Budget – Points to Keep in Mind

moving-to-clapham-on-a-budget-points-to-keep-in-mindMoving house to Clapham may be a very rewarding experience as long as you know what you are looking for. And if you want to keep that budget for the house removal low, then you really need to get information. There are two aspects of the process you need to worry about – before moving home to Clapham and after that. Once you get your priorities straight and you gather all the information you need, you can proceed with dealing with the house relocation and finding a proper man and van Clapham for the job.

Before Moving to Clapham:

  • Downsizing is the best way to cut costs on your house removal. You probably have quite a lot of clutter you have to deal with, so spend some time in your attic, cellar, kitchen, closets, cupboards and bedroom, and take out all the unneeded clutter. A good way to get rather than lose money is to have a garage sale and get rid of the clutter with a profit.
  • Set a moving day and stick to it. Avoid weekends and bank holidays. Summer is the peak season for man with a van service providers so avoid moving in summer if you can.
  • Pick a new home in Clapham that is right for you. The area has three sides: Clapham South, Clapham North, and Clapham Old Town. The North side is on the side of Lambeth, where you have to pay a double council tax, so better find a place in Clapham Old Town or Clapham South on the side of Wandsworth, where you have the cheapest taxes and also great amenities.
  • Use a moving van Clapham instead of hiring a whole domestic removals team. It will save you a lot of money and it only requires some self-sufficiency and a bit of more sweat work.


After Moving to Clapham:


  • The cost of living in this part of London has seen a certain rise over the years, but some parts of the Old Town are still among the best places to find good flats or houses for rent. The markets and shops there are more expensive though, since they are areas for families. Simply look for places where the gentrification has not yet been done, or has been done too long ago to add novelty value to your new abode.
  • The area has great transportation links. Two of its sides have tube stations and are excellent for commuting.
  • The area is a very diverse one. There are a lot of ethnicities to be seen, with the Australian community prevailing over the rest, and the young professionals being a close second. It is seen like a stereotypical community by the rest of London, but the only stereotypical laughs they get are the ones they make when discussing the variety of cultures gathered there.
  • Get to know the farmers market and the antique shop in Clapham South as soon as you can. This will be the main places where you will want to supply yourself with interesting things and groceries.
  • If you are a student, or you have students in the family, get acquainted with Clapham Junction, the students’ part of town, so to speak. Also around the area you will find excellent places for eating and wonderful restaurants if you feel in a generous mood.

Keep these points in mind and you will be able to find a proper place to stay and complete your home removal on a budget. Think clear of what you want and where you are going and you will find the best place for you without breaking the bank.